The Afternoon Light: Hours 116 – 121

Playing (translated: doing art) yesterday in my room, I came across the most beautiful dappled light coming in from the window…

A trumpet vine grows, weed-like, on the side of our house. Part of it covers the window by the desk where I do my art. Yesterday the shadows of the leaves would shift and change as they twisted in the breeze, the light coming and going moment by moment as the sun slipped in and out of the clouds.

I loved the way this light lit up one of the sketches I had laid out on the desk — so I quickly laid out a bunch of pieces and started furiously photographing.

Here’s some of the results.

Which of the following do you like best…?

Vote for your favorite in the “comments” box. I love having your feedback…

Shadow face #1
Shadowed face #1 or…
Shadowed face #2
Shadowed face #2
Shadowed nude #1, or...
Shadowed nude #1, or…
... no shadow at all.
…#2 nude – no shadow at all.

Thanks in advance for weighing in…

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


10 thoughts on “The Afternoon Light: Hours 116 – 121

  1. They’re all beautiful but I’m gonna go with the first shadowed face and the first nude with the shadows! I love the dabbled light it really adds another dimension to the work!

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  2. I too like the face #1 best. I think it has something to do with the highlighting of one eye and the mouth… And as someone who really loves sketches, I have to admit I like the un-dappled nude, because then I can appreciate the pencil work!

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  3. I prefer face #1 of the two faces, as it represents more mix of light and dark like a bomb explosion.

    Of the nudes I prefer the first one as the mix of light and shadows make me feel more of the wave.

    Did you want one winner from the four? If so it would be nude #1. I am a man after all! ( a simple retired one now!)

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  4. i prefer the first photo. the light looks like it has motion across the page; draws your eye from the upper left to the bottom right.


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