Failed Art: Hours 131 – 138

So I’ll be brave and post this failed painting… something I worked on yesterday.


At first I sort of liked this. Then my son came over to the house and looked at it. When I asked him what he thoughts were, he just stared. Well, obviously they weren’t good thoughts.

I instantly hated it.

I suppose this could be a post about not letting people influence our art, our opinions, ourself. I believe all of that is important. But I think this is going to be a post about allowing others to be a springboard for growth. Sometimes criticism can challenge us to our better self.

Getting back to my son’s reaction… “What don’t you like about it?” I asked. He thought. “I don’t know,” he responded. I agree. It’s hard to know what I don’t like about it. Finally, he said he didn’t like the subject matter. I agree again. It’s not conceptual by a long shot… and I do like to make people think. So, fail on that one.

There’s more wrong with this painting than the subject matter, or perhaps the stiffness, or maybe the colors. I’ve concluded I want to either ramp up the abstract, or ramp up the realism… and I’d definitely lean toward the abstract.

But the biggest problem with this painting is me. Or rather, my inexperience. I did paint quite a lot when I was selling art years back. But the paintings were all portraiture, which is something I’m comfortable with. And I used acrylic ink and water as a wash, not acrylic paint. Also, those paintings were all monochromatic — very stylized. Sine I’ve recently started painting with acrylic paint, I’m beginning to realize I have little to no knowledge of color, mixing, or color harmony.

Bottom line, I need to paint more. I need to study. I need to make a lot of bad paintings until I find my style. The good news is I’m only on hour 138 out of 10,000… I think I can do it.


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