Working Large and Featured in Th’nkdesign: 332 – 342

So exciting yesterday. After typing up some poetry and doing a smaller contour drawing, I ran out to Home Depot and got a roll of butcher paper. I slapped it up on the wall and did a couple of drawings/paintings. Loved it!

This first one took some doing — I had to get used to the really large scale. Although I had worked large in the past, it had been awhile and it took some doing. Anyway… here…


Then I did this. This was very, very quick. I put up the drawing in about 30 seconds with black oil pastel then went over it with another line blue oil pastel. Then added the house paint after looking at it for a long time and stressing over whether or not to do anything to the drawing.

I ended up posting the one with white on the face and background.





This morning I woke up and saw on Twitter that I was featured on Th’nkdesign:

24 Brilliant Female Graphic Designers on Tumblr You Can’t Miss

4. Kim Beyer-Johnson

Kim Beyer-Johnson

Dramatic sketches, coupled with original poetry, characterize this account as an intense one to follow. Whether she uses dark charcoal, or brighter colors, the level of intensity of Kim’s artwork never wavers.

So that was cool!

Off to do more large work most likely!


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