Lover Breakthru: Hours 465 – 451

Put a lot of hours in on lovers yesterday.  After noodling around without doing much I liked, I drew some inspiration from Klimt and Egon Schiele. I wanted to work really large – creating a 3 x 5 foot canvas out of antique book pages (sonnets). Before I did that, I took out my small sketchbook, 5.5. x 8.5 inches to do a couple of sketches. I really wanted to do something loose and with simplicity of line. The key for me, as always, is not to push it. To let the line have it’s own life.

I liked what happened. I never even got to the big stuff. So…

I started with this line drawing… No erasing, no pushing. Pretty much one continuous contour line.


Added a touch of color…


Pushed it to this to see what would happen…


Then decided I like the previous one and posted that to Tumblr.

Next, I wanted to do something with all the antique book pages I have. So, still not going large, I did this.


It was fun to do a little black out poetry with it too. I imagine lovers going “underground” with their oceanic feelings, so I think this fit well.

This morning I did a couple of other Klimt inspired drawings in my small sketchbook. Again, these were all very quick and meant to be “unfinished” looking… I think the raw nature of the drawing adds to the emotion.


Then these young lovers…



Added the back arm to see if this made the forms pop or make more sense. Not sure if I like this better or the previous….


A note on the kissing problem: I’m finding the best way to deal with it is not to draw or paint the lips if possible. In talking to a friend of mine who works as an animator for Disney, he was telling me the thinner the line between the lovers the more you create an illusion of togetherness. So, it makes sense if there’s no line, there’s no emotional separation. I also find it makes for a more fluid drawing.

If a line to indicate the lips seems necessary, like in the above drawing, the trick for me is not to draw the lips (if that makes sense). Instead draw the upper lip and chin and the rest works itself out.

So, off to experiment more with lovers. I love my life.

Personal side bar: When I was drawing/painting yesterday and reading a bunch of poetry from Tumblr it was actually a very tender time. I found myself in tears throughout much of the day. I think this lover series is making it’s mark on me in many unconscious ways. Like I said: I’m loving life.

Oh. Also. Got to 1,001 followers on Tumblr last night! And in three months! Happy with that!


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