One Painting at a Time: 915 – 922

I think my mad rush of creativity – four or more original works a day – has slowed. I don’t think this is a bad thing. For instance, yesterday I just took time to think about and paint this.


I really enjoyed the process of making this piece of art. Making the contour drawing, taking time mixing the paint, reworking it, listening to good music, petting my dogs during little breaks. It was a pleasure.

I’m also thinking about writing too. For so many years, being on different staffs, writing for other people’s tastes, it sort of drained my creative juices. This process – 922 hours and counting – has really, really helped me regain my creative center. Even to the point where writing – whether on assignment or doing my own spec work – sounds invigorating rather than draining.

The night before last I went to a screening where Aaron Sorkin (Social Media, Steve Jobs, West Wing) spoke on his writing process. I love the way he winnowed it down: Intension and obstacle. Then setting out to overcome that obstacle. Discover that then you can write.

Sort of like life. Setting out to overcome the obstacles today.

Happy Thursday.



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