Transition: Hours 958 – 961

So I’ve been deciding whether or not to go back exclusively to writing or to stick with my art. All signs seem to point toward doing both… at least for the moment.

I find my heart in my art. That’s a hard thing to give up. I’ve just now put several of my pieces on Society6. This makes it much more affordable for the people who keep inquiring about buying my work from Tumblr, but who don’t seem to have enough money for original art. I get it.

I’m much more of the Keith Haring school of thought – art should be for everyone. There shouldn’t be barriers between the rich, snooty, and “educated” and everyone else. So, I really don’t care if my favorite piece happens to wind up on someones cell phone case or wall clock.

In the meantime… I managed to sketch this up in the midst of life. I like the edgy lines — sort of like my mood.


Happy Friday everyone!



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