The Decision Made: Hour 962 – 972

The decision has been made: I will continue with my art. Let the writing come when it comes. Tightening my belt another notch. Having faith. Voting for the idea that at the end, and hopefully in the middle, of the 10,000 hour experiment something amazing will come out of it. Bottom line, the art fills me. I choose it. I hope to choose until I die.

I suppose I’m taking a Zen-like approach. What will I do today? I must enjoy and invest myself in this day. I must not go down the rabbit hole of what ifs.

As for money, well, that certainly comes and goes – at least for me. If I can survive this day, then that’s a good thing. Today I will half clean my house in preparation for Thanksgiving then make art.

The decision has released something in me. It lead to this work:


So, off I go.

Happy Monday.



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