Thinking in Color: Hours 973 – 981

I love working in black and white. I love the stark black ink on the plain white blank slate.

But recently color has called to me. I’ve pulled out my acrylics, oil pastels, colored pencils, paint pens, watercolor, chalk pastel. Really anything I owned that had color. It might have something to do with my decision to push forward as an artist. My own mini colorful celebration. I’ve also been studying color combinations from the color wheel and studying other paintings and color combinations in nature.

Yesterday I painted penned in a twig and ink drawing inspired from Klimt’s “The Kiss.” Also used bits of colored pencil on the red, blue, yellow, and green bits. It was incredibly fun.


I also did this a few days ago. Abstract painting is difficult for me. I can’t say why this one worked. I do know I continued when I felt a little lost. I moved from acrylic to chalk pastel and then brown charcoal. I tried to breath.

The result:


Here’s a detail photo.

I like the way the orange chalk pastel speckled the painting and the way the underpainting — purples and blues, show up in the right hand side.


Here’s the brown charcoal. I like the definition it brings. Same goes for the black which was chalk pastel.


And so it’s a day before Thanksgiving. Loved ones arriving home. Cleaning. Food. Perspective about what’s important.

My art student daughter is trying to help me photograph my art today for Society 6 and Saatchi Art. Boy, is that ever a topic that deserves a weeks worth of entries. Getting the lighting correct has proved impossible so far — at least without playing with editing. Of course, I’ve been taking everything with my I-Phone. Trying a higher resolution camera today so they can increase the size of the prints. Wish me luck.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

More art to come after the holidays.





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