The Holiday Lag: Hours 983 – 999

A couple things I can say about this last week – I’ve been enjoying the holidays – great Thanksgiving, spending time with family, decorating, going to LACMA. But I’ve only had two full days of art — and a few stolen hours here and there. So there’s that.

The holiday season always feels suspended in another time space continuum. Which makes special, but not great for the best work environment.

I did this, just to post something to Tumblr, and I really pretty much hate it. It feels very blah and amateurish to me.


But I also pulled out a large pad of newsprint and experimented with a bunch of twigs tied together – and a brush dipped in ink. I sort of like them. If nothing else it was great to work loose.


I also did some small work in my sketchbook, which went pretty well. I’m enjoying using as little line as possible. I’m putting down a very loose watercolor wash to barely indicate form and filling in with pencil first, then going over it in pen.



Also got into the idea of contour drawing…


This last image did well on Tumblr. 486 notes as of right now after 2 days. IMG_7768

As for writing…


So, I guess even though I haven’t put in the hours, when I do sit down its pretty fruitful.


Lastly, I sold a painting on Saatchi Art. $250.00 for an original piece of art. (acrylic on canvas).


I purposely priced it for way less than I’ve gotten before for my commission work, but I wanted to test the online market a bit. Wrapping it up today – shipping cost are EXPENSIVE – it will cost me between $40 and $50 dollars just to ship. I feel a price hike for my work coming on. Learning…!

Happy Friday everyone!





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